Class list

DCPI Church Planting... Essentials OR
Church Planting ...Churches
Examining Our Christian Heritage I OR
HIS - 2013 Western World/Ancient & Medieval Times AA
Telling the NT Story of God OR
BIB-1023 Introduction to New Testament
Leading the People of God OR
OTR-4013 Developing a Missional Church
Investigating Christian Theology I OR
THE-3023 Systematic Theology I
Communicating With Spoken & Written Language OR
Eng-1013 English Composition 1
Exploring Nazarene History & Polity OR
PAS-2023 History & Polity Church of the Nazarene
Practing Wesleyan-Holiness Spirtual Formation OR
PAS-1023 Spiritual Formation
Telling the OT Story of God OR
BIB-1013 Introduction of Old Testament
Investigating Christian Theology II OR
THE-3033 Systematic Theology II
Examining Our Christian Heritage II OR
HIS-2023 Western World/Emerging Modern Society
Exploring Christian Ministry OR
PAS-2913 The Practice of Christian Ministry
Declaring the Gospel of God OR
PAS-3033 Christian Preaching I
Foundations of Women's Ordination
Interpreting Scripture OR
BIB-1033 Biblical Interpretation
Becoming a Holy People OR
THE-1043 Exploring Christian Holiness
Communicating the Gospel In A Pluralist World OR
OTR-2013 Global Evangelism
Preaching the Story of God OR
PAS-3043 Christian Preaching II
Providing Christian Education for All OR
CEM-1003 Intro to Christian Education Ministries
Shepherding God's People OR
PAS-3023 Pastoral Care and Counseling
Tracing the Story of God in the Bible OR
BIB-2013 Pentateuch
Supervised Ministry Experience
Exploring John Wesley's Theology OR
BIB-2033 New Testament Gospels or BIB-2053 Pauline Epistles
Administering the Local Church OR
PAS-4023 Church Administration and Finance
Living Ethical Lives OR
BIB-3013 Hebrew Prophets
Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally OR
PHI-4013 Philosophy and Christian Ethics